Ya Man
Music for Peace
Musicians need an audience and an audience needs music. This is the pragmatic part of the 'YA Man Jam Session' idea, which was created in May 2007 by Aheed Babikir.

Music unites people
Aheed's event is carried out under the motto 'Music for peace', it underlines the freedom within yourself and all people.
The every Friday evening event has gotten around and has crossed the district. International and top-class musicians from all over Germany come and play for a multicultural public. Here, sometimes hear musicians whom you seldom will hear in Germany. Here, sometimes musicians will play like you seldom will hear in Germany.

Music from all around the world
If it continues like this, 'Ya Man'!, Aheed's vision of 'Music for peace around the world' will not be so far away.

Music for You
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Ya Man Session - Music for peace